Went fossil hunting today. We found a 4-foot long section of Mammoth tusk. After finding this, we spent the rest of the trip excavating it and transporting it back to the truck.

This is the largest tusk we have ever found and it probably weighs about 100 pounds. It will now be stabilized and preserved using a lot of TLC and Butvar.

We are the first humans to ever see this 13,000+ year old piece of Mammoth. Finds like these is what amateur paleontology is all about.

@delibrarian - definitely one of the biggest and best finds of my life. I was so excited, I almost fell into the river. LOL.

@galacticstone What about the rest of the Mammoth? Were there any other bones nearby?

@ondra - we have found the lower jaw (with no teeth) and some small bone fragments, but the rest of the beast is still buried in deep sand and clay. We will keep going back to the site and slowly excavate it until we find everything that is hidden there.

@galacticstone If it were a Mastodon, it would become a holy site for the whole federated community. :)

@ondra - I have found some Mastodon tooth fragments at a nearby site, but have never found any large Mastodon fossils yet.

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