414.7 parts per million. A new record. Higher than any time in human history. This is not opinion. This is reality.

This is hard science, backed up by peer review. This is not politics or spin. There is no debate. If you don't understand what these numbers mean, then use the internet and educate yourself on it.

At this point in the game, denying anthropogenic global warming is like denying the moon landings or vaccines.

@galacticstone the "opinion" part is that the extinction of humanity would be bad, which I hope is an "opinion" widely held by humans.

@ben - As a card-carrying member of the VHEMT, I have mixed feelings about humanity going out in a climate-fueled sizzle. Humanity gone wouldn't be a terrible thing, but all of the plants and animals would be. I don't want to take them with us.

@galacticstone the planet will survive no matter what

it can fix itself naturally if we're all gone

we've already extincted a bunch of species and maybe in a few million years there will be new ones to replace them

it's just a question of whether we care at all whether someone who's born today should be in a world where the species that invented beer is still around to serve it when they're old enough to legally drink it

@ben - True. The planet will be just fine. Like Carlin said, maybe Mother Nature created us because she needed plastic and couldn't make it herself.

> ... like denying the moon landings or vaccines.

Seeing how the numbers of flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers steadily rise, we are truly doomed

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