Can anyone recommend a good Mastodon tutorial for newbies who are just arriving in the Fediverse from Facebook? Something that covers the process after account sign-up : using the interface, setting up their homescreen feeds, explaining differences between local and fedi feeds, etc?

I was thinking of writing one and including some screenshots, but I didn't want to re-invent the wheel. I figure there has to be one out there already.

I would like to thank everyone who responded with helpful links. I received numerous responses to very useful tutorials and I am going to favorite this thread and show it to newcomers. Hopefully I can convince more people to jump ship to Mastodon. :)

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@galacticstone Does by @noelle cover what you want? Local vs fedi is in "How is it not like either of those?" There was a good flowchart image floating around on post visibility, but I can't pull it out quickly.

@galacticstone I think probably the most difficult thing is personalizing your feed.

If you write one, please notify me. I am learning by pressing buttons and seeing the effect.

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