not to get in trouble but harry potter movies bad

this is literally just the local tl summarized in one image

opening the local tl is like running onto a highway of thousands of party buses

kankri kinnies have no rights. kankri kinnies are not protected under the constitution

i like this website cause if all my mutuals are offline all i need to do is create the virtual crack that is a funny mastodon post and you all see it in local and go ape shit

wearing a tiny hat like a french peasant come hang out in my lavender field

mastodon but the notification sound is the entire baby shark song

this place is such a bottom place, you toot "follow me bitches" and you get actual followers within minutes i love this i love you all

imagining the squid apocalypse of splatoon.......... those sure will be the days

whenever i drive by an arbys they have to lash me to the mast like odysseus

ampora kinnies of mastodon show yourselves i have a chainsaw

purposefully didn't leave bird seed out so the stork wouldn't bring kids yet lancer still appeared

yall keep talking about toot noises im a top who keeps my phone on mute

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