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I am sorry I keep spamming the timeline with geopolitics that are out of my realm of agency but Modi should just smoke the biggest fattest blunt and mix it with hella jack daniels. Stop annoying china and acting like you are the fire nation or some shit lmfaoo

Ahhh the joys of sacrificing your own life for pakistan☝️☝️☝️

Bruh wtf India gonna do hahahahahahahahahahaha
Fight the middle kingdom? Hahahahahahahahahahah

I don't want to own more than what I need. Enough to fill up a backpack, but never enough to spend hundreds on a uhaul.

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Like think about it, I am taking my generic bathroom supplies everywhere I go and other generic items to fill up space wherever I go. There has got to be a more efficient way of handling material stuff.

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Like there is no reason why I need all of these items, there are gonna be medium sized clothes everywhere and all the other stuff I own should just be available everywhere I go.

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I can't stand paying money to register checking bags when flying or order a lyft SUV to move somewhere. I don't even know how I would move with these two bags on a megabus, like I usually do.

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I feel shitty about having so much stuff to pack. I own barely enough to fill two checking bags, which is not a lot for being literally everything I own, but holy shit I don't use half these items on the daily anyways (a lot of it not even weekly)

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Moving in and out of places is so triggering holy shit.

I kept saying edible arrangements and seeking arrangements interchangeably holy shit my friends must be really confused or think am insane

I haven't used q-tips in over a year and when I used them today they came out clear. Is this normal or am I dying soon?

If I were Jesus I'd be high key annoyed af. Like I'd be looking down on earth after hearing my name and wondering why tf this mf yelling out my name so many times can he chill

That guy outside the church yelling nonsense at the top of his lungs has gotta stop before I go over there and debate him

This guy sent me a picture of his BDSM dungeon on Grindr... Uhmmm okay, I am still not interested; could've been more excited if he showed me his face?

Not this guy I matched with liking my message after 10 months

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