Idk but I might eventually start using my art account on this other instance I'm on, I'm just not quite ready to go about it yet. I'll mention it when I do. :>

Also hello again Masto how are you doing tonight

Power's off in my room for now as stuff's being worked on. ~_~

This status update is a test of the Mastodon Twitter Crossposter service ( Don't mind me.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been using this account in a while. Hopefully that should change soon~

But dang, am I going to miss DisneyQuest. Thanks for 19 years of great memories!

Sorry for going silent, but gosh, what an excellent last day. I gotta show the DQ loot later! 👌

I'm playing the Fight Knight demo while I'm supposed to be getting sleep for the long trip coming up. 😋

Anyway, seems I'm confirmed for WDW this weekend! Gonna catch DQ once more before it closes down for good and do Magic Kingdom next day.

Introductory post 

Hello, hi, I'm gameaddict30! But I don't mind if you call me Kevin or Sertimus either. I'm just a young adult boy studying Computer Science who likes to draw, play video games and write computer programs. I like cute and cool things, too. The 'lil guy I usually have in my avatar is Sertimus, who is my Chao character who also doubles as my sona. Nice to meet you!

Anyway, I should probably make an introduction here. Hm...

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