Slack etiquette question: when someone posts a reaction emoji that has a skin tone, should you just click it ("same") if yours is different or should you go to the picker and pick the same emoji so that it comes up with your default? Because we just had five people click on a :wave::skin-tone-5: and it was a mismatch for at least three of the four bandwagoners and... I'm not sure that was the right thing to do.

@dphiffer That's been my guideline too but it kinda came to a screeching halt when I went "okay do I click on the brown hand or do I ostentatiously make my pasty-white one over here that will draw attention to it" (I opted to not wave) and then I got to think about what about the (much more common, in that Slack) times when it's the other way around. AND WHY DOES SLACK NOT JUST CHANGE IT TO THE ALL-HANDS THING WHEN MULTIPLE PEOPLE HAVE CLICKED?!

@gamehawk yeah I think that's what I would've done too, or just gone with some variation of party parrot

There is a person on a team that my team interacts with all the time. There is an emoji of him in our company Slack that has become our default reaction, regardless of context.

@whami @dphiffer Same in this slack, actually, including a four-part super-sized version (that doesn't really work as actual reaction but sometimes gets used there anyway).

@gamehawk @whami my cat has a custom emoji on our work slack 😹


@dphiffer @whami That Slack has a custom cat emoji based on Cowboy Cat.

I'm sure there's a backstory there but I don't know it.

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