Current Pi nerdery, completely unrelated to the nifty new screens: trying to convince a Zero to behave in Mass Storage Gadget mode so I can leave it plugged into the embroidery machine and just transfer designs to it via wifi.

So far I seem to have fdisked my file incorrectly; the embroidery machine sees the virtual USB stick but says it "can't be used." Now taking bets on how long before I accidentally fdisk (1) the Pi's SD card or (2) my desktop PC's spinner. 😜

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The Pi has so far not complained about the power provided by the embroidery machine even though I didn't look up what it is supposed to put out (also: the embroidery machine powers a port that is ostensibly just for USB sticks πŸ€”) so theoretically I can just get a zero-length USB cable. Drawback: if I don't put a separate power cable to the power port, it will shut the Pi off whenever I turn off the embroidery machine. So I either have to remember to shutdown via a shell, or risk corruption.

VICTORY! I had forgotten the step to fdisk it as a Windows partition instead of a Linux one. πŸ™„

It seems to work (other than I accidentally put an SVG file on it rather than the PES file that the machine actually accepts, so nothing shows up to select).

(Things I should be doing instead: finishing my MIL's birthday present so I can ship it; replacing the aforementioned spinner with the SSD that's around here somewhere and I keep forgetting about.)

@gamehawk This sounds like an interesting and unique project! :)

@gamehawk @grainloom back when i looked into a similar thing i remember there being lots of warnings about writing to the device you're presenting as mass storage, since something about how it gets read on the other end means writes aren't visible and then everything gets fucked up

@June @grainloom Yeah, you almost certainly have to take the gadget down, mount the backing storage file as a loop driver (which I don't fully understand), make your changes, unmount it, and put it back up on the gadget (at which point the embroidery machine believes you just plugged a USB stick back in and so re-reads it).

Which is not bad, when I get it worked out and put it in a script.

Which embroidery machine do you have?

@gamehawk Wow. I have long since added your husband to the list of guys who won the wife lottery :-)
It's quite a short list actually.

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