Sadly, it's a resistive touch screen and so requires a bit more force than I'd want to use on something that's only supported by the physical USB plug. (I'd also switch the screen orientation back, obviously.) Mostly I was curious to see if the embroidery machine provided enough power. Not that a Zero and tiny screen like that have a *huge* draw.

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@gamehawk is there a website to read more about this project ? Schematics, code, hardware, etc...

@magicfab The screen is one of these: with a Pi Zero on the back end. There's no special software yet (the machine is just providing power so far), but I've been working on swapping back and forth between Mass Storage Gadget ( and loop device mode to allow the machine to read it as a flash drive (the former) or a remote machine to add files to it (the latter) via its wifi interface.

@magicfab I originally talked about it on my .art account but it pretty quickly got too nerdy for that audience. Here is is in its more usual (and practical) mode, headless:

@magicfab I've got that working via command line (it's pretty trivial) but now I'm putting a little web server on it so it can accept drag-and-drop files rather than scp. Because the average user of an embroidery machine is not nearly as nerdy as I am.

It actually works as a general-purpose USB-drive-with-wifi so it's not necessarily just an embroidery-machine thing. If you had an older TV that accepted USB stick but didn't have its own network device, for instance.

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