I'm more annoyed by the twitter.activitypub.actor thing because it is breaking my "\@twitter.com" filter that I use to filter out cross-posts of RTs from Twitter

I guess I just start muting folks who cross post RTs from Twitter now πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ


@staticsafe I always feel like I've kinda been baited-and-switched when I reply to someone who automatically posts here, but doesn't actually read here (or even seem to get notifications).

"Hmm, why does $person never acknowledge a comment?"
*sees $person refer to something as "this tweet"*
"Oh. 😞"

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@gamehawk @staticsafe every so often I have to go and unfollow a bunch of people here who have gone from cross posting and interacting here, to just cross posting, and every time it makes me sad :/

@gamehawk @staticsafe yeah seriously. Y'all gotta enable push notifications so you get notified of Mastodon interactions

@gamehawk @Gargron I definitely dislike the cross posting of Twitter content to Mastodon with no actual engagement. It reminds me of when everyone just used FriendFeed (or was it Wave or Buzz?) as a dumping ground for Tweets. It was a pretty good platform but got the reputation of being inhabited only by ghosts of people engaged elsewhere, which was part of its downfall.

Yep. I feel the same. Ots almost like the individuals who do that dont get why the fediverse is different.
@gamehawk @Gargron

Yeah. Sad to see this from #CoryDoctrow of all people who I would expect better from. Still, slightly happy to at least read content even if there's no actual interaction.


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