I really don't get the accessibility issues people claim to have with IRC.

You need a server name, a nick name and a channel name.

Three(!) settings and you're all set. Two of which (server & channel) can be encoded in a link you can simply click on. Which leaves us with: you need to pick a nick-name to partake on IRC.

So really... picking a nick-name is considered an accessibility issue these days?


@fribbledom My biggest "accessibility" issue with IRC is the instinctive "oh my gah I do *not* want to deal with IRC culture" reaction.

(Yeah, yeah, *everybody* says "oh but this channel is different, it's really FRIENDLY" and I never know if they're right or they've just stopped noticing. 95% of the time it's the latter.)

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Isn't that a problem with the people rather than a technical issue tho?

Now you move the very same people to an external service and expect them to suddenly behave differently and more welcoming?

I don't think I see that happening.

@fribbledom Yes and no. In the case of Mozilla's switch, well, Discord has some of the same (if not worse) associations as IRC, so I don't think it's gonna change much community-wise.

OTOH, if you lose the barrier of "ew, that service," you stand a better chance of having better humans joining, which eventually changes the culture. You also often have some of the cranky territorial grognards getting peeved at the *chance* the culture changes, so they get mad and don't switch, self-fulfillingly.

@fribbledom (I should specify, I have no idea what the Mozilla IRC community is like, so I'm only speaking in generalities here.)

@gamehawk @fribbledom almost like telling me to go to a reddit. Yes, I’m sure everyone in X reddit is lovely, but I’m not going to risk it.

@edebill @fribbledom Reddit was once described to me as a really fun house party where everyone in the upstairs rooms said, "Well of course you should never go into the basement, it's full of axe murderers and rapists" and looked at you funny when you questioned whether it was really a good house to hold a party at.

@gamehawk @fribbledom if a platform has such persistent problems that it gets a reputation like that, then it lacks some sort of structural tools or safeguards needed to make it safe. It seems like it is a common failing when systems that work for smaller groups try to scale up. Culture aside, a lot of the things people have done with IRC over the years seem really ripe for abuse.

@gamehawk @fribbledom I have very fond memories of using IRC in the mid- to late 90's. Everyone was on dial-up. The channel I frequented was very friendly and fun, my first experiences of talking with other like-minded people online. Those were the days. :)

D&R to add: We were just regular, non-tech people. Web 1.0 websites had simple instructions on how to enter the server name and find the channel. I remember it being quite easy. Probably there was more support because of fewer alternatives.

@leadore @gamehawk @fribbledom
Or maybe people weren't yet used to everything being single-click easy.

@gamehawk @fribbledom If the same community is on IRC and on the discord server replacing it, I don't think anything is gained on term of culture...

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