Free advice to dudes and dude-presenting folks: don't follow-and-DM ladies and lady-presenting folks with yer zero-post account. You gotta make some public posts (yes, even if it feels like no one is listening to you yet) to show you're a real human being. Then you participate in a *public* conversation. Then maybe you can DM.

(j/k never DM)

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I semi-regularly get follow-and-DM from accounts like . Do I just attract old farts with oddly similar approaches (DM is almost always just a minimal "hi there" or similar)? Does everybody get those?

(If you don't read my pinned post you earn an instablock. Life's too short to try to sort clueless from creeper.)


I *never* get those posts, and I think it is likely because my avatar does not portray a woman's kind-looking face.

Knew an insomniac on USENET once, called himself Ursina just to troll the thirsty nerds.

@gamehawk How could you not figure out he's a good guy? His profile even says he's easy going and down to earth.

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