One thing these earthquakes have taught me is how few people I follow on the West Coast.

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These don't seem to be felt over super-wide areas. I'm working in Sacramento and I haven't felt any of them, despite #SoCal family members reporting 4 quakes, including a 7.1.

@lnxw48a1 True, the bedrock there transmits them much more poorly than in the Great Plains. Wichita can feel quakes from Oklahoma even when they're little tiny ones. Jersey is sitting on gravel, we don't generally feel Pennsylvania ones.

@pagrus Yeah, I follow at least a couple of LA-area people but apparently not a large enough sampling to have picked any of the compulsive "EARTHQUAKE!" posters.

@gamehawk Well, the south-west coast. I can see the ocean from work and I didn't feel them as I'm wayyyy too far north. Cali doesn't own the whole coast!

@Canageek Yeah, I forget just how poor your end of the country (and I think mine too, now) is at transmitting shocks. Bedrock in the Great Plains rings like a bell so we'd feel tiiiiiny little 3.somethings down in Oklahoma (~LA-to-San-Jose distance) almost as well as they did.

@Canageek (er, when I lived in Wichita, that is. Now we feel Pennsylvania ones, though I haven't personally.)

@gamehawk to be fair I'm something like three times further away from where that earthquake was than the distance you just mentioned

@Canageek Right, but it was a MUCH bigger quake, it being a logarithmic scale and all. The Oklahoma ones were "did a big truck just drive by?" level.

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