One thing these earthquakes have taught me is how few people I follow on the West Coast.

@gamehawk Well, the south-west coast. I can see the ocean from work and I didn't feel them as I'm wayyyy too far north. Cali doesn't own the whole coast!


@Canageek Yeah, I forget just how poor your end of the country (and I think mine too, now) is at transmitting shocks. Bedrock in the Great Plains rings like a bell so we'd feel tiiiiiny little 3.somethings down in Oklahoma (~LA-to-San-Jose distance) almost as well as they did.

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@Canageek (er, when I lived in Wichita, that is. Now we feel Pennsylvania ones, though I haven't personally.)

@gamehawk to be fair I'm something like three times further away from where that earthquake was than the distance you just mentioned

@Canageek Right, but it was a MUCH bigger quake, it being a logarithmic scale and all. The Oklahoma ones were "did a big truck just drive by?" level.

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