Since it came up in an earlier tweet, "all y'all" is perfectly grammatically sensible. If you are in a group of seven people, "Y'all are idiots" might mean just three or four of them. "All y'all are idiots" means all seven. #TheMoreYouKnow #TennesseeEdition

"Y'all" does not literally imply ALL, as in the entirety. It is simply a plural you. And always plural, by the way. Please do not use it in the singular.
#TheMoreYouKnow #TennesseeEdition

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@mishellbaker Use of second-person plural as an impersonal address, even to a single person, is a valid usage. I couldn't explain the rules for it until an ep of Lexicon Valley covered it. I asked a person struggling with a wheelchair on a Jersey beach if "y'all need any help there?" and couldn't have said why that was a correct usage but apparently it's a way of being less direct/personal/threatening: speaking as though you are addressing a group and just any member can answer.


@Nentuaby @mishellbaker Exactly! That was the context in which it came up on Lexicon Valley IIRC. He was saying "and people say English doesn't have the T/V distinction BUUUUUT..."

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