It is a lovely morning, I am up before the family, I'm gonna make some coffeecake. <turns on oven, begins mixing ingredients>

*entire first floor of house fills with smoke*

It is a lovely morning, I am going to open all the windows in the house and, when this oven cools off, clean up whatever spilled on the floor of the oven.

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Ew. Okay, I don't know what happened here, but yeah that'll do it I guess.

(Apparently I dumped more pasta water than I thought on the stovetop the other day, but that still doesn't explain the grease. Also I checked the oven before I turned it on, but I guess I shoulda turned on the light then.)

@gamehawk Only elbow grease ever seems to get rid of that sort of thing, in my experience.

@GeoffWozniak I scrubbed it down with a fistful of paper towels and it at least stopped visibly smoking, so I'm baking the coffeecake now.

Boiling water will often do it: the drip channel itself is very clean (that was mostly water; the smoke was all coming from the grease on top splattering out to the bare metal AFAICT). I'll have to put the box fan in the window and do the rest properly at some point, but not today.

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