I don't think we pay enough attention to the fact that basically all the "resistance" organization is done through... Facebook groups.


I mean, if I was a government/corporate org likely to be protested, I'd be quietly starting anon FB groups to *organize* protests. And then when I had everybody in my group, I'd be scheduling protests for just-slightly-inconvenient times, keeping track of all the leaders that sprang up and, when all the gentle nudges stopped keeping things manageable, deleting the group (or silently converting it into something that would look incriminating on people's profiles).

But, you know, that's just me.

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@tdorey I spent too many years battling spam on mailing lists/Usenet/etc. and my mind always goes immediately to "how would one abuse this public forum" anymore. πŸ˜”

@gamehawk I wish I could tell you that I thought you were being paranoid, but these days it seems my most used phrase is "what could possibly go wrong?"

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