Alright folks, I’ve been cornered into going to the Renaissance Fest tomorrow morning, I’ve never been, and anything on the website besides the front page is giving a database connection error.

Will I need cash? Will traffic suck ass? What do I need to know?


@joeld No (although it's nice, and on-site ATMs have v high fees), yes, and wear yer walkin shoes, and prepare for mud if it's been rainy recently and dust if it hasn't.

You can usually get discount tickets, generally through a partnership of some kind (often a grocery chain). Ticket lines get long.

Also if you don't want to interact with strolling players, don't make eye contact.

(Caveat: I haven't been to the Minnesota faire since the early 1980's, these are just universal truths.)

@gamehawk tickets already in hand, purchased by a distant relative on our behalf and handed over at dinner tonight. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

The strolling player bit is especially helpful. I have no idea if I’m going to feel gregarious and outgoing tomorrow, maybe quite the opposite. Been pretty peopled out lately.

It’s been pretty dry lately so probably sandals. Thanks for the tips!

@joeld Yeah, the players will almost always gracefully accept a polite headshake or gentle "no," but if they engage and you don't explicitly brush them off they *will* try to draw you out.

Bring something with which to write on the map if you hope to (1) see everything or (2) figure out where something was that you decided to go back for. Also review the map, there's often at least one out-of-the-way place to recharge, and at least one "why did we come all the way down *this* way for nothing."

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