Simplisafe keeps advertising in podcasts and every time they mention their "video verification technology" I want to yell "JUST SAY THAT THEY CAN TAP INTO YOUR INTERIOR CAMERAS REMOTELY DON'T GIVE IT A STUPID MARKETING NAME."

V excited to look forward to the same news podcasts doing stories on the inevitable hack/misuse, complete with shocked "I didn't know they could do this" customers.

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@gamehawk One of our neighbors put out a simplisafe sign the other day. My comment at the time was "good to know I can hack their security, you know, should it ever become necessary *whistle*"

@sungo Back in the day, my parents invited me along when they had an alarm salesman visit. Dude did not appreciate me going "So... if you cut the phone lines before you break in, the only thing that protects the place is an internal buzzer?"

(My parents bought the alarm system anyway. I probably should have patented the deadman-switch concept I and my Hayes-compatible invented...)

@gamehawk Mine is battery backed up by a battery in the basement. It's on cellular only, on a modem that's in the basement. Battery lasts for about a day. So yeah go ahead and cut my power and internet. The system will still call the cops when you enter the building.
@gamehawk Hell, it's programmed to report the power outage to the utility company too.

@sungo Yeah, parents' one was long before the days of cellular. I assume that's what Simplisafe does, and generally it gets good reviews but... the weird hammering on "video verification" has finally gotten to me.

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