I wish I could say I knew what I did to fix it, but my video driver is working now (including in Minecraft).

I had managed to get it to fail to run *anything* in a graphical screen, so threw up my hands and uninstalled all the video drivers to start from scratch. So I apt-get-removed everything I could, including alllll the modprobe conf files, rebooted, and... it worked fine.

Probably should have deleted the modprobe bits first off and just let buster load the drivers it wanted.

So now the only remaining post-upgrade issue is that weirdly, the Linux Slack client fails to open any links: it throws an error claiming that "/home/silver/http://..." isn't found which, yeah, why are you trying to open it as a file you big weirdo?

@gamehawk :octothink: It's an electron client, right? Maybe one of the "default handlers" got corrupted somewhere to interpret HTTP as file://? No idea where to look for that or how to fix though.


@cathal That's my guess too. Even an uninstall/reinstall didn't help: deleting the /home/$user/.config/Slack directory just means attempting to start it gets "/home/$silver/https:/app.slack.com/ssb/signin: No such file or directory" so it wasn't carryover from out-of-date config. So clearly it's a handler within buster somewhere... that only seems to affect Slack.

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@gamehawk That's pretty bizarre, my mental model only contained the rubbish browser within Electron/Slack, but this sounds way more "exciting".
My, uh, condolences?
I had a similar mystery, somehow my $CC gets set at startup to gcc-4.7 but, uh.. that version is one newer than I can even manually install. Still haven't figured out where that's getting set. Some dbus shenanigans.

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