September 10 is certainly a new record in "earliest I heard Christmas music in a store." Granted it was Costco which does not *have* overhead music, but still, they had Christmas decorations out front and one of the musical things was plugged in and playing Christmas carols so I think the charges will stick.

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Even the craft stores, which are always ahead of the curve (on the sometimes-dubious defense that people theoretically begin handmade holiday gifts six months in advance), have the Halloween stuff going still. Costco has already moved that to back-of-the-store-seasonal (and, I am happy to report, the motion-sensor part of the talking skeleton was turned off, probably by the person in the HVAC-installation booth across the aisle.)

@gamehawk I saw Christmas trees and decorations in an art store on the weekend. Admittedly, it looked like it was stock that they were just keeping out in the store, but damn, I was almost yelping with outrage when I saw Christmas trees in September.

@GeoffWozniak Yeah, as I just said in the next post, craft stores are *way* ahead seasonally. And in their defense, people probably *do* start Christmas stuff six months out, then put it up for five months and finish it at the last minute.

At least, that's me. And I think I only start stuff that early *because* the craft store has its Christmas stuff out and I feel obligated.

(I have some stuff made already this year. πŸŽ‰ )

@gamehawk Craft store stuff I get. In this case, I can forgive it since it was an art supply store and making things takes time.

Still, I'm not conditioned to see Christmas trees until December, even though I have to put up with them in November. ;)

@GeoffWozniak The explanation I heard was that the non-supply stuff all comes in the same shipment (on a container ship from China, presumably) so the trees go on the sales floor then too.

And yeah, I was not really ready to see the trees at Costco before I even heard the music. At least have the dignity to leave them unplugged until after Halloween sheesh.

@gamehawk By order of our autistic adult son, Christmas decorations go up in the house on November 1st!

@GoatsLive That is not unreasonable. I used to always wait until the day after Thanksgiving but some stuff goes up before that anymore.

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