I feel like, if it hasn't happened already, search engines ought to be posting a little graph of recent searches on "Rubicon." πŸ˜†

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@gamehawk to many Brits, Rubicon is a popular brand of soft drinks (soda) with "exotic" juice flavours and often associated with British Asian culture (the owners are of South Asian ancestry, and it is widely found in cornershops)

(Tesco sells it too, but I bought some and discovered because of taxes against sugar the new versions is watered down and disappointing in comparison to the 1980s..)

@vfrmedia South Jersey was settled by a LOT of Italian immigrants so there's a lot of stuff here named for places (including rivers) in Italy, including Rubicon. I'm not sure but what it isn't a surname as well.

ISTR there's also an IT company by that name, or something very similar, which is what it always makes me think of. Well, almost always. There's also this, which since I am a Warframe widow I hear a LOT about:

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