I have discovered a problem with @Mastodon v3.0.0 (as installed on mastohost/, anyway): just as I click on the text box to start describing my picture, it fills in the button for "analyze text" and then I have to wait... wait... wait... for the dang thing to come up with some gibberish before I can type the real description.

I have done it three times so far, and I'm pretty close to just not writing descriptions anymore (the extra click to get to the edit box is bad enough).

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@gamehawk You click on the "analyze text" button? Or it starts automatically? It's not supposed to start automatically and it's an optional feature

@Gargron I go to click on the text box to give it focus, and just as I do the "analyze" button pops in and ninjas the click.

And yeah, it's optional but I think that decision gets made by mastohost rather than the instances. At least that was the case last time I whined about .art not having search-my-posts turned on.

@gamehawk I'm trying to understand how that could happen. The text area has a fixed height and the "Detect text from picture" button is visible underneath it from the start. What happens?

@gamehawk Is this when the image preview loads in and changes the dimensions of the whole modal?

@Gargron Oh, you're right, I watched it more closely this time, and... whoops, your other reply just popped up. Yep, that's what it is.

My computer is... not-fast, so there's maybe more of a delay there than for most folks. Not much of one, but clearly enough for it to keep biting me.

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