It is "guy behind me in line has nothing but two boxes of full-size candy bars in his Costco shopping cart" time of year.

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(normally I would let people like that in in front of me but I had nothing in *my* cart but one such box, two boxes of the fancy Pure fruit bars that are my allergy-friendly alternative, and a flat of Diet Coke)

@gamehawk aww, anyone who hands out full-size candy bars gets a special place in my heart; I can take you to my old neighborhood and show you exactly which house always gave out full-sized candy bars when I was a kid

(I live near the end of a long dark road and have to enjoy these things vicariously :blobsad: )

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon We got few-to-no kids in our neighborhood in Wichita, chiefly because the elementary school a couple blocks away always held a huge shindig. We get a fair number here, including a couple of clusters of grandkids that show up before hitting their family party at their grandparents' (the first year we had to convince them it was PERFECTLY OKAY to visit even if it wasn't their neighborhood).

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