Kids have tapered off but I got to meet one of my around-the-block neighbors with an extremely well mannered golden retriever.

And by "meet” I mean his dog's name is Lily and neither of us thought to give *our* names.


I was wrong: next wave arrived. We have reached the point in the (very warm) night where the water bottles and juice packs are more exciting than the full size candy bars.

It is very rewarding to give tweens a full size candy bar, a mini water bottle, and a glow bracelet and have them dancing around in your yard yelling, "this is the best Halloween ever!" Dad was not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed. πŸ˜†

There are carabiniers on the water bottles so hopefully they won't end up blowing around the neighborhood. Plus recycling pickup was today and there are a lot of carts still at the curb.

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