Not sure I have ever seen the original Mah Na Mah Na:

We didn't get PBS in Fort Wayne; we moved to Indianapolis in 1972. My sister was in half-day kindergarten and I was extremely confused that she explained she had watched The Electric Company while I was still in school and it was really cool but it was okay, it would be on again in the afternoon. I was very confused because the electric company seemed like a pretty boring organization to me.


I thiiiiink we may have gotten Sesame Street in Fort Wayne via one of the other stations, but Fort Wayne didn't get PBS (according to Wikipedia) until 1974. In any event, I remember watching the heck out of Sesame Street but not how old I was, and The Electric Company was, in fact, really cool.

@gamehawk the Electric Company was shown on London Weekend Television when I was a very little boy in the the 1970s - ITV (then 16 different regional TV companies which shared some programming but had their own distinct regional identities) introduced Sesame Street across the regions in London and SE England around the late 1970s around the same time the Muppet Show (made in England at Elstree Studios just outside North West London) became popular..

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