Places that paint themselves into a corner with their names always amuse me.

"Unbeknownst to Hill, the hours of the 24-Hour Fitness changed in December; it was no longer open 24 hours."

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For instance, I am curious about just how much "Indian Hills Animal Clinic" back in Wichita debated about the naming of its second location, some miles outside the Indian Hills neighborhood. Did they consider "Westlink Animal Clinic," and how seriously?

And of course there's the issue of Five Below (which has expanded into products > $5) and Dollar Tree (though Family Dollar and Dollar General aren't limited to the $1 price point so there's precedent).

@gamehawk our €1 shops just became Eurosavers or Dealz. And Poundland just became a place where you could by things without the change. So everything was rounded up or down.

@RaeYcrep Yeah, that's what Dollar General has always been, sorta: stuff is priced in round dollar amounts, and tends to be in the $3-5 range.

Which, of course, the USAn practice of posting prices without sales tax totally works against, because you get to the register and your $1 item becomes $1.07 or whatever. πŸ™„

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