Achievement get: read an entire book ("Peppa en el espacio") to one of the littles who only speaks Spanish (the little girl who always wants me to read Sesame Street to her because even if she has no idea what I'm saying, she recognizes the characters and repeats their names whenever I read them in the text).

Not sure I got all the pronunciation entirely intelligible, but I'm sure it was better than the little she picks up when I read in English.

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I then read it in English (translating on the fly) to one of the fluently bilingual kids because I wanted to maintain *some* dignity. (He's the class clown and will not hesitate to laugh and laugh at my mispronunciations.)

@gamehawk Might see if there are youtube videos of native speakers reading them, so you can get the pronunciation correct.

@GoatsLive I figure there will be, yeah, I just haven't tracked them down.

My other new book was 100 First Words in English and Spanish which I went over with one of the other kids who I *thought* was a bilingual second-gen immigrant and her vocabulary is only about as broad as mine. She has a trace of an accent so I guess her family just isn't teaching her anything but English.

@gamehawk My wife still scolds her parents from time to time for not teaching the kids Italian. I grew up overseas so was immersed in many, and get by with 2 besides english. Disservice not to teach your kids if you can.

@GoatsLive Yeah, I mean, I get that it's just not practical in all households, and that there's a stigma in a lot of them, but still.

I took Latin in high school because I didn't have to pronounce it out loud (I was painfully shy) and while it's been a really good base for learning other languages, it hasn't helped with pronunciation. And I learned Spanish by working in a company of mostly South/Central Americans, and sneakily picking it up... but not speaking it. So my brain confidently says

@GoatsLive stuff and my mouth goes WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS

@GoatsLive Oh, now I remember why I didn't listen to a YT version: the book shares a name with the episode, and the latter is what's all over YT. 😔

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