"Upcoming Travel Events: FEB 20 First Time Cruiser Presentation and Q&A ft. Royal Caribbean"

you know what AAA it's okay we're good

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(I would really really really like to go on a tall ship cruise someday but I will pass on the floating arcology type forever)

@gamehawk I was never a cruise fan, but an avid sailor before M.S.

Not sure I'd get on a floating petri dish in the current climate of killer virus all about though...

@GoatsLive I am a tiny bit tempted to go to the AAA event *just* to see the presenter deal with that.

I mean, norovirus was already a dealbreaker so...

@gamehawk Yup. Right now, if ONE person gets sick, the entire ship full of people completely lose their civil rights, are basically in a concentration camp until authorities decide otherwise.

@GoatsLive That's the problem with boarding a foreign-flagged vessel...

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