We have gone from hand sanitizers having to convince people their product is not vodka, to vodkas having to convince people their product is not hand sanitizer.


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Seriously. You need everclear for that, or if you want to take chances 151.

And 90% isopropanol is still available at most stores for a buck.

@thraeryn Our grocery was out of 99% yesterday, though they still had plenty of 95%. I need to pop in for some lager (for frying batter) so I am definitely gonna ask the liquor store folks if there's been a run on Everclear (though I'm not sure what proof is allowed here in Jersey; in Kansas I think you could only get the 120).

@nonlinear @gamehawk I don't think it's the same thing, as the 47% alcohol I told you about is being sold as a cleaning product, not as a beverage.

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