Out of limes so using frozen limeade concentrate on the fajitas tonight. (In the marinade, not on the finished stuff. Probably.)

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@AFresh1 We JUST got an order of TrueLemon stuff, but no lime because... I don't know why. Apparently we only think about keeping it around for drinking (mostly the lemonade types but kid likes the TrueLemon straight up.

At any rate the limeade worked okay (the sugar just made for extra Maillard; ATK sometimes calls for sprinkling sugar on steaks just for that purpose).

@gamehawk well, true lime makes for a decent margarita. Just tried a recipe with 50% orange liquor and 50% agave syrup. Was a little sweet, but still delicious.

@gamehawk obviously (by which I mean, if it was obvious I wouldn't toot it. Or would I? Now I've confused myself) also useful for any sour, like the Last Word or a Daiquiri, but fortunately today was fresh lemon for a Final Ward.

@AFresh1 We actually have the frozen limeade for margaritas, which I should make with the strawberries-but-no-rhubarb in the last grocery order.

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