I love how the fediverse claims to be morally superior to birdsite but everybody happily reposts the end of this thread here like they discovered it all by themselves.

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@gamehawk I....what? o.0

One that is a logical leap, though a small one, it could also actually mean three, since it started in 1903

And also what the heck, have people actually been posting that o.0

@Canageek Yeah, it could also be "we need a name that says 'biscuit but more' and some wag went 'triscuit lol'"

That just makes Nabisco's flat denial hilarious though.

@gamehawk @Canageek I suspect that what they meant by "it doesn't stand for three" was more "we know it's not because it has three layers (it doesn't) or just three ingredients (nope, never) or three of any other particular thing."

@randomgeek @Canageek Nah the denial was the one in the thread, where they said they didn't know what it meant but it sure wasn't "three."

Sad they're not linking to the Boggs thread either. They better've paid that person. πŸ˜’

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