A little concerned that the package doesn't seem to have *departed* Bloomington today but maybe there'll be an overnight update.

There's still a chance it'll end up in Guam.

@gamehawk What's wrong with Guam? I'm sure the package wants some vacation. 🙂

@loke The last time I had a package go to Guam it was Priority Mail, so it went there by air.

... and then got put on a boat to come back.

... a *slow* boat.

@loke The sad thing was that it contained a little flower-fairy doll for my nieces, and if I'd known it was going to take that trip I would have asked the Guam postmaster to open it and send photos of the doll's visit. But alas, I didn't get the notification until "what do you mean, it just left *Guam*?"

@gamehawk That would have been really neat. I do wonder if it would be legal for them to do that though.

@loke In certain circumstances, none of which probably applied there (damaged package, evidence it contained unlabeled hazmat/liquids, etc.) but one can always hope for a rule-bender.

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