You guys have a place named Independence?
That must be fun.

"Oh, I just to got off at Independence"

@officialcjunior Many. Independence, Missouri is, I think, large/better known than Independence, Kentucky, which despite growing up a few hours away from it I do not remember ever hearing of it. (But I guess there's a Monoprice warehouse there.)

@lnxw37a2 Yeah, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess it got put on the wrong truck. It was supposed to arrive last Friday but spent five days in "Delivery: Pending" while they figured out where it was (i.e. when the truck finally arrived in CA and it got scanned there).

@gamehawk @lnxw37a2 Yeah, hub-and-spoke distribution models create some weird out-of-the-way detours in error-free operations, but I think it's safe to say not THAT weird!

@Nentuaby @lnxw37a2 Yeah, Memphis is famously their air hub, I dunno about ground. The weird thing is that Smartpost *should* have been "where we turned it over to USPS" but AFAICT it has never been given to USPS.

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