Donning my N95 for my first foray inside a commercial establishment since the first weekend of March!

(Aldi and yes we ran out of caffeine and our next ShopRite pickup isn't until Sunday, don't judge.)

Update: wasn't crowded, but inexplicably (because Aldii are laid out that way to begin with) they were not doing the one-way aisle thing. There were a few dashes on the floor to indicate the 6' distance at the registers, sneeze guards around the cashiers and that was it.

Well, that and the end of the cart-quarter tradition: a staffer collected and wiped down carts, and they were all pre-loaded with quarters, just push to unlock (amusingly, they still chained them up whyyyyyyy)

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Also the kid found a thing of Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer from Christmas stockings past, and... the scent is kinda nice? Am I getting old?

(I always go for the unscented-everything option and have never liked perfumes that aren't straight mild-floral; as a teenager I wore a honeysuckle one until I got tired of bees pestering me.)

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Also also one of the five segments of the meat refrigerator was closed (not sure if that was a maintenance thing or what), and there was chicken but almost no pork or beef (probably an artifact of Memorial Day + shipment dates though).

I did get charcoal, so I guess we can participate in the American ritual of burnt sacrifice on Monday. Hopefully the rain will knock down the pollen count before then. 😬

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