Not doing the "Karen" thing, I have friends named Karen, most of them Filipina, plus it's also the name of a native people of Myanmar


@brownpau That last one's pronounced very differently, though (to pre-teen past-Karen's combined disappointment and relief, when a missionary to them spoke at our church).

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@gamehawk Ooooh I didn't know that. But on a little more reading I guess it's said more like "Kayin?"

@brownpau Sometimes, and even when it's a clearer R (as spoken by American missionaries, at least) the accent is on the second syllable. ISTR the vowels being different too but Wikipedia doesn't think so and it's, uh, been a few ~years~ DECADES (though I think it's been mentioned on NPR a couple times since).

@brownpau (also as you may have seen I feel free to do the "Karen" thing but I think I am, well...


_entitled_ to)

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