I feel sorry for the audiobook reader. That large paragraph is a single sentence.


Found another mega-sentence last night and almost laughed out loud at the end of it. Hashtag getting-meta-in-here.

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@gamehawk Well. Now my new goal in life is to have someone comment on my habitual terseness. Or, even better, on my brusqueness.

@whami The book series is a loving homage to Dumas, set a few centuries earlier in the world of the author's (the actual author, not the purported author who is basically a character in the book because he keeps digressing with notes to either praise himself or snark about other historians/universities/publishers) slightly-more-conventional fantasy series. He's done a Three Musketeers series, now this is Count of Monte Cristo. And it rocks.

@whami He did a crossover novel (because the main characters are basically elves, and live for centuries and therefore were still around). It was told from the viewpoint of the d'Artagnan expy, and it was hilarious to have the main-series main character be portrayed as speaking in the getting-paid-by-the-word style of the other series.

@gamehawk That sounds awesome. And I love snarky narrators. Or very unreliable ones. Often those go together.

@whami Back in the 80's, I ran across the second book in a little bookstore (RIP) in downtown Wichita. The cover art sold it (ironically the author has said it is very cool but is not, in fact, a jhereg). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jhereg_(

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