Pandemic brain: every time I listen to a podcast I'm all "I WANT TO BE THEIR FRIEND THEY SOUND LIKE COOL PEOPLE"

(Current friend-crush: Stacey Abrams, on David Tennant Does A Podcast With. And Tennant too, I guess, though she seems more like My People. Introvert! Who got involved in politics despite herself! (She went further than I ever did obvs))

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I've actually wondered about this with NPR podcast panels. They're recording at home, and they're chattier. We hear Mara Liasson's dog, Ayesha Rascoe's kids... I found myself doing web image searches for the dog, for instance, and then thought, this is how stalkers get started. 😬 (She eventually posted a picture on birdsite because I'm not alone in being curious apparently.)

So when things open up are stalkers gonna be more of a problem because celebs have let people into their lives more?

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