HVAC inspection guy is on his way. So is the landlord because why not? We have lived here for over three years, you'd think he'd have decided we're not gonna sell off all the appliances or something, but apparently he really got burned by a previous tenant and wants to make sure the place is still standing. Still, dude, it's 45 minutes and bridge toll from your house and there's a pandemic, maybe just stay home? We're already having to mask up IN OUR OWN HOME for this. πŸ˜’

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So it turns out the "inspection" was actually the installer coming back to check things out, charge the landlord too much for filters (the new system is 20x20 and Costco never has those), remind him that the water heater is going to catastrophically fail someday soon (he's not wrong), and confirm that yeah, the ductwork on this house is very 1970s (read: built assuming infinite cheap energy). So fine, landlord did kinda need to be here for it, insofar as the visit was needed at all.

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