I went in-person to the regular grocery store, since my cough is apparently nothing contagious (sez my doc 🤞) and incidence is (currently) low here.

They play very upbeat, kinda danceable music, but interspersing it with the periodic "plz no hoarding" PSA really makes for some mood whiplash.

The only thing there seemed to be a shortage of was Carl's decaf Diet Coke, and that seemed to be an ordering goof rather than a shortage.

It's also the only thing I can't get at Aldi/Costco. 😒

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@gamehawk Everyone, regardless of brand has been out of decaf soda. I don't drink soda at all but my son likes it.

@GoatsLive I was pretty sure decaf diet Pepsi was in stock, but they did have some 2-liters of decaf DC so I got that.

The whole soda aisle was as well-stocked as I'd ever seen it (even the usual decaf spot was occupied by even more caf diet) and they had an extra end-cap since they were having a sale. So the problem certainly wasn't a sweetener shortage, at least.

I drink one caf DC in the morning, but after that it's seltzer for me. I'm just there for the bubbles.

@gamehawk Weird, I guess it'sall going to the Northeast 'cause there's none in Florida 🤪

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