We have reached the "eh, I'm not going anywhere, I'll just wear leggings around the house" stage of stay-at-home, almost IMMEDIATELY followed by "eh, it's just a pet store run, leggings are *practically* pants" stage.

(Normally I go early in the morning, when it's not crowded and the aerosols have had all night to settle. But Ramses is out of kibble and would not have let us sleep. He has three kinds of canned food out but noooooo, has to have his kibble.)

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Also I have not reached the stage where I am willing to go out in leggings without a sweater-dress over top of them. Leggings aren't pants!

... they sure are comfy though.

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@gamehawk I was wearing thermals the other day and just put on a pair of athletic shorts on top to go out the other day. Zero effort times are upon us

@tomasino Yeah, I don't think the kid has worn actual shoes in months. She has slippers with rubber soles and is like "meh, I'm not even getting out of the car for that long."

(I *really* have to drag her out to the walking trails around here. She does ride the stationary bike so isn't a *total* slug, but the weather has cooled off and it's really nice for walking.)

@gamehawk not too many folks in the trails in the Wharton St forest. Head out to Carranza Memorial and have a picnic!

@tomasino We're right across from Blueberry Hill and somehow have never walked up it to see the Philly skyline. Or to see the ravens that nest under the radar dome.

@gamehawk I've been wearing leggings in place of pants for like three years now. >_>

@gamehawk my wife has blown waaaaay past all of this to "leggings are pants and I'll wear what I want where I want." You got this haha

@gamehawk Most days I just turn the thermostat up to 78 and wear *almost* no clothes. Saves electricity and I have less laundry to do πŸ˜ƒ. I also basically never wear shoes either. I do reluctantly put on clothes and sometimes flip flops when we go play outside.

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