Good morning from my inability to hold a camera level and this deer's complete acclimatization to suburban life.

RIP my irises though.


The screens on that window roll up, and I spooked it because they're spring-loaded (and olllld) and there's no quiet way to unlatch them. It took off to another part of our yard where I couldn't readily take its picture any more.

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(It's lying in the moss under those trees directly past the birdbath, chewing its cud.)

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At some point it wandered back to the shrubby corner we call the "thicket," and I startled it out of there just now when I went to refill the bird bath. Soon as it heard the water running it froze, and it was racing back to the thicket before I was even inside the sliding glass door. Shouldn't be too long before it decides it's safe to get a drink, but I'm not camping by the window to wait.

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@gamehawk Do you talk to the creatures whilst filling the bird bath? I do, but so far have never had the pleasure of e.g. an owl landing on my shoulder.

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