I love Linux on the desktop with ONE exception: links in stuff like the Slack and Discord apps try to open all links as "/home/silver/https..." so I have to manually copy the link into the browser.

I'm not even sure what it's trying to do. I mean, it's not launching the browser, it's trying to open a file on my drive. Why?!

(Debian 10, LXDE desktop, update-alternatives are set, $BROWSER is set, Chrome is default browser but it also happened when I used Firefox (hmm, I wonder if Firefox has fixed that bug yet?))

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AHAHAHAHA the open_lxde subroutine just... doesn't open a browser. So if you comment it out and replace it with the open_generic call, it works. IT WORKS

this has bugged me ever since I upgraded to Deb10.

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@gamehawk You know, the more details you give about this, the more I feel like I fixed this for you on Debian 9, and the upgrade must have stomped on my fix. :)

@CarlCravens I was only on Deb9 for about ten minutes, and apparently that's where the typo was introduced.

I can't remember the details of the previous issue, but I feel like it was slightly different (and that was what the $BROWSER in .bashrc was there to fix although, since it's still firefox, it clearly isn't getting called by anything now).

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