Okay, too many techbros on fosstodon and too many other instances block it. is fine, it's fine, but I'm concerned about its long-term viability. So I'm moving my general and tech jibbajabba back here. Art stuff remains on @silverseams, ttrpg stuff remains on @gamehawk, and I'm gonna stop boosting those into this account.

Still contemplating setting up a self-hosted (or instance though. ๐Ÿ˜”

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(Of course neither being here nor being self-hosted solve the issue of "I would like a nice on-topic local TL" which was the point of having accounts on topical/regional instances.)

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@gamehawk @silverseams @gamehawk I'm really sorry you had to change instances, is definitely not a techbro space, but many people who sign up don't read

You are always welcome to keep in touch, should you wish.

@Citizenzibb It may not want to be a techbro space but... it's totally a techbro space.

@gamehawk I haven't seen it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. As I said before, you're always welcome to banter/rant/etc. with me if you'd like to.

@suetanvil It seemed like a nice instance, but not very tech. Which is fine (fosstodon is mostly the lonely howls of dudes baying their ideological purity at the moon, which is admittedly on-topic but wow, boring) but I was figuring jawns would fill that niche. Jawns is very nice except it's mostly crickets. So I dunno.

For now I think I'll just try to get my follows straightened out between here/art/tabletop, then decide if and where I'm gonna go.

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