(yeah, my Etsy shop is supposed to be about plush dragons but suddenly I'm a novelty motel keychain factory)

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I kept trying to remove them from the main page on your store, but they kept coming back. 😂😂🤣🤣

@whami Other people are trying to take them off too! I may have created a monster.

Sounds like it. But I do imagine these are far less enjoyable to make than the dragons.

@whami Oh, they're not bad at all now that I got split rings that are a little less impossible.

Split rings are a huge issue for me with my dexterity problems. But these will all be gifts, so no worries on that.

@whami Carl keeps pointing out to me that *real* motel keychains just use S-hooks and I'm like YES I KNOW but they had one, permanent key too.

The big split rings, the ones that get keys on them, are not bad. They're 1.25" ones so they don't take nearly the leverage. Those first tiny 12mm ones that attach directly to the fob were *tough*. The newer ones are softer, with the drawback that they don't spring back into perfect shape after they're installed.

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