Carl: I am interviewing someone at 10, so you'll need to take your shower before then.

Me: No problem, I took a late shower yesterday so I'll run to Aldi before my shower so I don't have to worry about when my hair is dry.

Me: *goes upstairs at 9 to put on non-pajama pants*

Carl: *is doing a pre-interview video call with a fellow manager*


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(update: snuck in between the pre-interview and actual interview; Aldi was not significantly crowded even at 10. 👍)

@gamehawk I've got to say, I've really enjoyed these little anecdotes and how you & Carl are sometimes having your regular conversations on Mastodon 🙂

I've been working from home for 10 years now but there has definitely been an increase in cats, dogs, kids, and spouses on Zoom this year. But everybody has been very positive and understanding about such things, which is great.

@jgoerzen Carl's been partial WFH for quite awhile, but only recently moved his office upstairs. Meetings with co-workers tend to happen from the laptop and the living room recliner but I guess the applicant got the fancy treatment: a Linode-logo blanket suspended from a stepladder in the bedroom. High-class!

(We have a perfectly fine tracked panel-curtain divider, it has just never gotten installed.)

@gamehawk @jgoerzen I've been indecisive about just where to hang the curtain. I keep thinking "here" then realize that hits the ceiling fan, and missing the fan hits my fish tank.
And video call participants don't see the ladder... just the cool Linode logo backdrop I've got. Many times there is a conversation about Linode giving us stadium blankets.

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