So I got one of those six-sided-ball beds for the cats last year, and it's never quite worked out because it tends to collapse. I recently picked up one of the pop-up type houses at Aldi, which has a little connector tunnel so you can put together multiple ones.

I realized the tunnel was the right size for the large opening in the bed, and thought hey, maybe with that holding it open the cats will actually use it. So I rassled the wire loop at the end of the tunnel in and OH THAT AIN'T RIGHT


I thought "okay I'm overthinking it" and later @sunsetmoth walked by and was like "uhh... is it my imagination or is that kinda inappropriate" and I was all "okay no it's not just me."

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Also yes every dang thing in that picture is a cat bed of some sort, including Poppi's Trash; the space behind my desk is Cat Central.

Well maybe not that scratcher; he likes to sleep on the horizontal one though.

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