Wait, you mean *not* every instance went invite-only a week or so ago?

... did they not see this coming?

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@gamehawk Given that most of their fans are perhaps not the most technical types, and also tend to not understand the benefits of federated systems, instead opting to use a single thing that whomever they may be listening to at the moment tells them to use, I would have expected them to go to a single dedicated instance, if they were to come here at all.

And with a single instance it would be easier to keep track of them.

@loke Yep, and mastodon dot online seems to be the lucky recipient.

@gamehawk Not unexpected. Mastodon dot social is closed for registrations and they are referring to them.

I'm pretty sure the content policies of dot online and not really conductive to the types of content found on proler.

@loke Yeah, but it's gonna be a mess to clean up.

If I ran an instance I 100% would have hung up a "closed for a couple weeks, if you're serious here's a signup where we'll notify you when we reopen subscriptions" sign.

@gamehawk I think a lot of instances have done so already. In my opinion, dot social should accept that these people are coming, and should be honest in giving them a link to one of the "free speech" instances, and letting them deal with it. Those are generally blocked from the rest of the fediverse anyway.

@gamehawk But, you know what? This was bound to happen. The fediverse cannot remain sheltered forever, and at some point this would need to be dealt with.

I mean, there's always freespeechextremist dot com already which has been like that for a long time. It's not like we've seen this before. There is also gab which was very quickly isolated from the rest of the fediverse.

@loke Oh, sure. It's just, an influx like this is gonna create wholly unnecessary load on moderation. You gotta pick your battles.

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