Happy tenth anniversary to this fluffy white cat who wants to be part of everything we do.

Trying to machine-embroider? He's in.
Assemble a Lego kit? He's in.
Knit? He's in.
Put together a jigsaw puzzle? He's in.

Trying to browse the Internet? He's in.
Trace a pattern? He's in.
Do product photography on a black velvet object that you have laboriously picked every white hair off of? He's totally in.
Distribute a neighborhood newsletter? He's in.

Perhaps you wanted to assemble IKEA furniture? He's in.
Work with a cutting machine? He's in.
Cut fabric? He's in.
Clean out the herp tank. He's literally in.

@gamehawk internet comedian Graham Stark occasionally tweets photos of his Maine Coon Baxter with the caption Disaster Cat.

This has that energy and I love it.

@WizardOfDocs Olivia's the Disaster Cat here. And Poppi is Trash Cat. Ramses is The Old Man (and has been for a long time; he's only 12 but he is an old soul, and expert at the Grumpy Old Man Glare).

@gamehawk He's very cute!

I was wondering, the stuff on the mat, are you making wargame or RPG terrain?

@gamehawk He's such a faithful, dedicated helper
And a very pretty gremlin to boot

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