(also "Plowy McPlowface; (multiple entries)" because of course)

@MxCraven On paper, yeah, but when you say it out loud it doesn't work as well (in American English, anyhow, where "plow" is a definite "ow" and "Bowie" is a definite "oh" (except when talking about the knife, where it's a definite "oo"))

Although maybe the opportunity for an Aladdin Sane paint job makes up for that, I dunno.

@gamehawk I forgot the best one! The second one was named "Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney"

@gamehawk in my state they had a similar contest but the cowards omitted "abolish ice" from the list of finalists despite overwhelming support.

eventually they went with plowy mcplowface or some bullshit

I got a feeling of Deja Vu reading this. Turns out it did happen before:

In Minnesota earlier this year "Abolish Ice" was one of the top submitted snow plow names, but the Minnesota DoT decided not to include that name in the list of finalists.


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